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Jose Bautista Goes Deep Off O'Day; Naturally Talks Smack (GIF) sticky icon

Bautista Home Run















Bautista hits a dong on Saturday afternoon and of course taunts Darren O'Day on his way home.....



.............and here's Darren O'Day's reaction.

The Best Sports Video Games Of All Time sticky icon

Tecmo Super Bowl Bo Jackson













20. Wii Sports (2006)

Our Interview With J.J. Redick sticky icon

JJRedick Interview











People don't boo scrubs. They don't boo the average players. They boo the guys that kick their favorite team's ass time after time. Due to his success at Duke, J.J. Redick was one of the most hated athletes in the country. Hell I named my website after him!! Luckily he's a good enough guy to grant IHJJR an exclusive interview during the middle of the NBA playoffs. 



Baltimore's Top 20 Twitter Follows sticky icon

Baltimore Skyline
I love Twitter. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on it and have met some really awesome people through using it so I thought it would only be right to acknowledge some of the best Twitter follows Baltimore has to offer. Certain people's timelines have become part of my daily routine, whether they tweet about breaking Ravens news or the best place downtown to grab a beer after work.