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20. Wii Sports (2006)

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Baltimore Skyline
I love Twitter. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on it and have met some really awesome people through using it so I thought it would only be right to acknowledge some of the best Twitter follows Baltimore has to offer. Certain people's timelines have become part of my daily routine, whether they tweet about breaking Ravens news or the best place downtown to grab a beer after work.

Man Dates: March Edition

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I cannot think of a single god damn thing besides the weather to talk about in this intro, and I refuse to be that guy, so let's get right to it.




Ventev Gear Review: Upgrade your smartphone swag











As you may or may not know, Ventev is one of the hottest companies around when it comes to smartphone accessories and charging options. What's even better is that they are based outside of Baltimore in Hunt Valley, MD. The good folks at Ventev sent me an care package full of goodies so I thought I would try them out on my iPhone6 and report back to the IHJJR readers.



2015 Oscar Predictions











It’s that time of year again. Who will take home the gold? And who may spoil the party? Check out my 2015 Oscar predictions below

Best Picture

Interview: Duff Goldman








Q: I’ve heard that Duff is actually a nickname. How did that nickname stick?
My brother is 22 months older than me. I was born around the time he was starting to talk, and he couldn’t say Jeffrey. He kept saying DUFFY. My parents finally just said ‘Call him whatever you want!’ And it stuck. When I entered Kindergarten, and they would call the role, I wouldn’t respond to “Jeffrey” because I was so used to my nickname !



McDonald's Introducing An Old Bay Filet-O-Fish

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McDonald's and McCormick & Co. hope so. The two have teamed up to offer, for a limited time, a Filet-O-Fish with Old Bay tartar sauce starting Feb. 16 at more than 700 locations in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.