IHJJR's TV Picks Of The Week

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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great New Year! Here are some TV picks to wet your appetite for the first full week of 2015



"The Celebrity Apprentice" Mondays 8pm on NBC

In the second episode, the celebrities must write and direct a commercial. Later they preside of a frozen food product demonstration. It's a silly show, but the fights can be epic! Celebrities appearing include Terrell Owens, Johnny Damon, Vivica A. Fox, and Gilbert Godfried.


Top 10 TV Shows Of 2014





Hey everyone!

Here are my picks for the Top 10 TV Shows of 2014!


10. “Gotham”

Kicks to Midnight Final 2014 Edition

Kicks to Midnight




It has been a fun year in the sneaker world. When Nike randomly drops Yeeys on a boring Sunday, you know the year is going to wind up being a good one. Before we get into the future releases, I'm going to give you my top 5 for the year.

1) History of Jordan 6

IHJJR's Christmas TV Picks

TV Picks







Merry Christmas everyone! Here's a few TV picks to keep you and your family entertained this holiday season!



"The Santa Clause" Monday 8:30pm on ABC FAMILY

Tim Allen stars as an adman, who inadvertently becomes Santa Clause, when he puts on the suit of the guy who fell off his roof. A great holiday romp for the whole family!


Kicks to Midnight December Edition

Kicks to Midnight MAIN PIC.jpg


I took a brief hiatus to celebrate some of life’s treasures such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, watching a panda give birth, teaching a gaggle of geese to fly and having the 2nd most points in a fantasy league and yet somehow still missing the playoffs…but now that the fun and games have come to an end, we can really get back to business.  Since the NBA season is in full swing, you can expect a bunch of releases are going to be related to the hardwood.

IHJJR's TV Picks Of The Week

TV Picks







Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend coming off a great Ravens win! Here are some TV picks to feed your apetite


"Major Crimes" Mondays 9pm on TNT

Movie Review: "The Possession Of Michael King"





"The Possession Of Michael King"

Rated: R

Starring: Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson, Cara Pifko


OK, I'll admit. I'm a little tired of the 'found footage' horror genre. It was tolerable for a while, but every other horror flick used it. I was hesitant to even watch this film..but I'm glad I did.

IHJJR's TV Picks Of The Week

TV Picks










Hope you guys had an awesome weekend! Here are your TV picks for the week!



"Castle" Mondays 10pm on ABC

In tonights episode, an 80's action movie star is killed. Castle and Beckett must get assistance in the case from his aging co-stars.


TRAILER: "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens"






Here it is everyone..the teaser trailer for "Star Wars: Episode VII "The Force Awakens!"