You Better Believe I'm Sending A Blogger To BronyCon Next Year




What. The. Hell.


Is this for real? I didn't even know a "My Little Pony" show existed yet there are dudes who get dressed for a convention?

I feel like this is just a excuse for techno fans to take ecstasy and act like idiots. No way a grown man would like a cartoon about ponies this much.

IHJJR's Top Five Inventions Of All Time

Ben Franklin














5. Air conditioning

Think about it.....we take it for granted but it's literally the only way we survive during the summer. Well that's a stretch but try sleeping in the summer with the AC off! You will want to murder someone.

Alpha Male Basics: Chapter 1

George Clooney











“Stand true to your calling to be a man. Real women will always be relieved and grateful when men are willing to be men.” ― Elisabeth Elliot, The Mark of a Man