Maryland Bacon Festival scheduled for April 26th. Wait.....what?

Maryland Bacon Festival








Some days you will always remember. Your first kiss. College graduation. Wrestlemania IX. Well add Maryland Bacon Festival to the list baby! No idea what it will involve but I'm there. Name a better food. You can't.


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Our Official IHJJR Weatherman Weighs In On Tomorrow's Snow Storm



Best weatherman in the business. Bottom line. Frankie needs to get the hell outta Nova Scotia and move to the U.S. This is the big leagues of the weather predicting business and Frankie nails it everytime.


Be ready folks.


Snow Shopping Power Rankings

1. Beer

2. Frozen Pizzas

3. Toilet Paper

2014 Oscars Preview

The Oscars










This Sunday is Hollywood’s BIGGEST night. Which film will walk away with the BIG prize? And which categories might encounter an upset? Here’s an analysis of the five BIG categories!

Charm City Rundown 2/28 - 3/2

Baltimore graphiti











You're strolling Canton Square this weekend, right? There's no where else to be tomorrow from 1-9pm (and beyond). Lindy Promotions is hosting its annual stroll, so put on your best bejeweled green gear and grab a brew at Looney's, where you register (by 6pm!). Wristbands are $15.


Charm City Rundown 2/21 - 2/23

Baltimore graphiti










Whether you had a Valentine or not, Cupid’s day has passed and it’s time to get back to normal.

Tweets of the Week: February 7, 2014


We've had yet another tremendous week in social media this week. The Twittersphere was obviously dominated by the Super Bowl, despite the horrendous game it turned out to be. In addition, with the impending beginning of the Olympics, many have been tweeting about the sheer dumpster fire that is Sochi, Russia. We've got plenty more to recap as well, so strap in as we review the week that was on Twitter!


Maryland Is Banning Grain Alcohol? RIP Jungle Juice












Grain alcohol, the cheap, potent booze that has been a staple at college parties for generations, could be outlawed in Maryland as university presidents press lawmakers to ban it.