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Classic Wrestling Moment of the Week

How's your intestinal fortitude, brother? Our classic moment this week is one of the most well-known matches in the history of wrestling, Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III. This match features "the slam" as Hulk body slams Andre to win and retain his championship belt.

College Football Week 14

Classic Wrestling Moment of the Week

Who thinks of this stuff??? Do you remember the "Vince McMahon Kiss My A** Club?" Here are some highlights:

Classic Wrestling Moment of the Week

This week we look at Jake "The Snake" Roberts. This character would beat up on this enemies and then place a snake on their lifeless bodies upon defeat. Earthquake would have no part of the snake. In fact, Earthquake hated snakes. In a series between Jake and Earthquake, things got a little heated.

Earthquake squashed Jake's snake Damien during a match in the early 90s. Jake later returned to face Earthquake with the new snake, Lucifer. Take a look....

2010-2011 College Basketball Preview

This is my first post on IHateJJRedick.com, and I am honored to be included on here. A quick background on me----I was born in Florida, and lived in South Carolina for a few years before moving to Minnesota about 15 years ago, where I’ve been ever since. I’m a college hoops junkie (as you’ll find out), and a sports junkie in general. Long suffering, die-hard Minnesota Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Florida Gators, and Minnesota Golden Gophers fan. Follow me at @ROOK4PREZ on Twitter for pure entertainment and opinions on everything from sports, movies, TV, Hip Hop, and popular culture.